Ruby On Rails - Senior Engineering Manager

JOB SUMMARY The Foundational Services tribe of our client' s company creates many of the core capabilities which power our client, and blends their customer focused direct engagement style of engineering with a strong vision of the future software environment the company likes to work in. Their engineers work across a wide set of technologies to make that future exist, from global infrastructure to front-end, mobile to machine learning. We support the company' s largest datasets, highest volume interfaces, and most critical systems, and prioritize clean engineering and durability. Our client looking for a senior engineering manager tolead 2-3 squads within this tribe. The company' s primary languages are Ruby (Rails) and JavaScript (React), but we also work in Elixir and Rust. Postgres is their preferred database, and they manage systems and deployment with Puppet or Kubernetes depending on the tool. This position is based at the client' s headquarters in Carpinteria, CA on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We' re looking for someone to join their team immediately. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  As a Senior Engineering Manager, you will be responsible for building both people and product; mentoring, coaching, and supporting as well as overseeing robust technical execution. Most of your time will be directed towards managing full-stack engineers on your teams, but you' ll also need to provide input, guidance, and mentoring towards technical decision making across the tribe. This is a new role, with a chance to have a wide range of impact across engineering. You can expect to do the following for the company: Manage and empower a group of 8-15 engineers Make trade-offs that balance business goals against choice of technology and design patterns Coordinate cross-team initiatives and balance priorities Aid in system architecture & design discussions when planning projects Help the team code with performance, scalability, and usability in mind REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ROLE  5+ years of experience in web development 5+ years of technical management experience Familiarity with Ruby on Rails - or passion for the technology Familiarity with infrastructure You love helping engineers develop new skills and advance in their careers. You don' t shy away from performance conversations and you recognize the relationship between objective feedback and career growth You thrive in fostering a strong engineering culture in an agile environment Job Number: 18356  
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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